VEA – VPS Announce Retirement Incentive

The Vancouver Education Association and the Vancouver Public Schools have entered into an agreement for a one-time early retirement stipend of seven thousand, five hundred dollars ($7500.00), for VEA members submitting a Letter of Resignation dated June 19, 2019, due to retirement.

This one-time early retirement stipend is to be paid at the end of the 2018-2019 contract year and is taxable income. This stipend is not precedence setting for future years.

Members who qualify for the one-time stipend must complete the following by June 3, 2019 (VEA members who have already completed the qualifications will also receive the stipend). Qualifications for the one-time early notification retirement stipend are as follows:

  • Meet Washington State eligibility for retirement status
  • Provide the District with a copy of their Department of Retirement Services (DRS) Acknowledgement Letter, demonstrating initiation of retirement applications with DRS
  • Complete District resignation form dated June 19, 2019
  • Signed resignation form must be submitted to Human Resources by June 3, 2019

The VEA values their senior members and has entered into this agreement to provide an additional incentive as they consider whether this is an appropriate time to retire. It is our sincere hope and expectation that the cost savings to the district will be used to mitigate announced cuts.

For accurate information regarding your retirement eligibility, please contact the Department of Retirement Services at 1-800-547-6657.



NBCT Jump Start

If you are a NBCT educator interested in learning more about the certification process, time to examine component and assessment center requirements, the opportunity to plan how to meet requirements, and time to collaborate, gather resources and information needed to pursue certification, please check out this local opportunity on July 29 – Aug 1 in Vancouver.  For more details and a link to registration click the following link :

More information about WEA support for the certification process can be found here:


National Board Certification Information

VEA National Board Candidate Support Cohort Program


2018-19 VEA provides facilitated support for candidates going through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification process. Candidate support is optional for teachers completing their National Boards; however, teacher candidates who are part of a support program show a significantly higher passing rate.

As part of a cohort, candidates receive support, instruction, and feedback from their trained facilitators who are VEA colleagues. Examples include: “unpacking” the National Board component prompts, finding evidence of National Board standards, and ensuring alignment.  To participate in the cohort, please complete the survey monkey found under “news flash” AND the registration form found under the documents tab above.   Clock hours will be available.

Details on the 2018-19 cohort:  Click Here


Don’t be taken in

The Freedom Foundation (previously called the Evergreen Freedom Foundation), a known anti-union group, is trying to put a wedge between members. They have been contacting members to encourage them to drop their union membership. This is not a coincidence. They are funded by groups that are not for public education. And who is the largest advocate for public education? The Union!Read More

The Purpose of the Vancouver Education Association

The preeminent purpose of the Vancouver Education Association shall be to work for the improvement of the schools of the state and nation in general, and particularly for the improvement of the Vancouver public schools to the end that these institutions become progressively better places for the students and teachers to carry out the educational activities that are necessary for the attainment of a quality education of the children they serve.