VEA Member Voice in Olympia

VEA members Kari VanNostran, Rachel Jarnagin and Lynn Maiorca spent today in Olympia checking in with legislators to ensure that McCleary components are acted upon.  The cadre discussed class size, compensation and local bargaining rights.

49th Legislative District Forum

The legislators in the 49th district held an open forum on Saturday, January 7th that was attended by many community members including VEA President, Lynn Maiorca and VEA WEA-PAC Chair, Kari VanNostran.  When asked about education funding, the legislators expressed a commitment to addressing McCleary in the legislative session that begins today, January 9th.

Deduct your dues

Doing your 2016 taxes? You can deduct most of your association dues from your income tax.  Click here to see figures for 2016.

Don’t be taken in

The Freedom Foundation (previously called the Evergreen Freedom Foundation), a known anti-union group, is trying to put a wedge between members. They have been contacting members to encourage them to drop their union membership. This is not a coincidence. They are funded by groups that are not for public education. And who is the largest advocate for public education? The Union!Read More

WEA special ed support center website launched

WEA has just launched a new website from the Special Education Support Center. The new website’s primary goal is to support efforts on behalf of students with disabilities.  WEA will continuously update the site to provide the latest in special ed information for educators, parents, community members, and students. The website is designed to be highly interactive and will present current, valid, and reliable information to enhance service for students with disabilities.Read More

The Purpose of the Vancouver Education Association

The preeminent purpose of the Vancouver Education Association shall be to work for the improvement of the schools of the state and nation in general, and particularly for the improvement of the Vancouver public schools to the end that these institutions become progressively better places for the students and teachers to carry out the educational activities that are necessary for the attainment of a quality education of the children they serve.