Am I a member?

I pay dues. Am I a member?

Not necessarily.

Everyone covered under the VEA-VSD Comprehensive Professional Agreement (CPA)  benefits from the same contractual protections and everyone has rights to advocacy. However, you are a member only if you have signed an enrollment form. This form is available from your building rep or from the VEA office.

What is the benefit of being a member?

There are many benefits to being a member of the association. A few of the top benefits follow.  #MembershipMatter

Professional Matters MEMBER NON-MEMBER
Professional Development Certification- NBCT Cadre
*Participation in local program subject to change.  Non members are not allowed to participate in state NBCT cadre programs.
$150 – 650 $225 – 1100*
Professional Development – Jump Start Programs $50-250 No
Professional Development – Human Civil Rights, Bargaining Training, Leadership Development, Special Ed Boot Camp, etc. Yes No
Professional Development – TPEP, CCSS, Diversity, Culturally Responsive Strategies, etc. Yes No
Professional Development – WEA-Retired Seminars Yes No
Legal Services/Advocacy    
Advocacy beyond CPA (ie Certification disciplinary hearing, representation at statutory adverse employment action hearings, and related legal assistance ) Yes No
Attorney Referral Program – Consultation with Local Attorney Yes No
$1,000,000 Liability Insurance Yes No
Employment Liability Endorsement for Medical and Related Arts (Nurses, OT, PT, athletic trainers) Yes No
Association Activities    
Attend local association meetings and social functions Yes No
Eligible to attend meetings to discuss contract grievances concerning the individual. Yes Yes
Communications – Newsletters, surveys, etc Yes No
Voting Rights– contract ratification, leadership, etc. Yes No
Supporting face to face discussions with elected officials regarding the decisions that affect K-12 students and staff Yes No
Eligible to participate in bargaining surveys/ provide input into bargaining Yes No
Voting privileges (contract ratification, election of officers, etc.) Yes No
Eligible to hold elected office at local, state, national levels of the association. Yes No
Ability to attend local, state and regional WEA conferences, briefings, and trainings. Yes No
Contractual Rights
Collective Bargaining Yes Yes
Grievances up to Arbitration (if local association is in support) Yes Yes
Arbitration of a grievance (only if approved by local association) Yes Yes
NEA Member Benefits    
NEA Term Life Insurance at no cost Yes No
NEA Member Click and Save Member Discounts (life insurance, car and home insurance, travel and leisure, credit cards, etc) Yes No
NEA Member Benefits
* Home Financing
* Student Loans
* Personal Loans
* NEA Academy Online Learning
* NEA Auto Purchase Program
* NEA ID Theft Protection
* NEA Magazine Service