Don’t be taken in

The Freedom Foundation (previously called the Evergreen Freedom Foundation), a known anti-union group, is trying to put a wedge between members. They have been contacting members to encourage them to drop their union membership. This is not a coincidence. They are funded by groups that are not for public education. And who is the largest advocate for public education? The Union!

Examples of funding sources for the Freedom Foundation have included the Walton Family Foundation, Friedman Foundation for Education Choice (charter school advocates), the Bradley Foundation (voucher advocates), and the Gilder Foundation (conservative think take and voucher proponents) to name a few. Bob Williams, the person who put together the Freedom Foundation, has served on the boards of ALEC. This is the group that produces sample legislation that, when passed, takes away the right of educators to belong to a union.

WEA is well positioned to stand up for our members and our union. WEA began this year by connecting statewide bargaining strategies with legislative strategies. As a union, WEA continues to push the legislature to meet its McCleary obligations to our students and for our profession. The attack from outside is a reminder that we cannot become complacent.