VEA supporting PTA (Parent Teacher Association )

PTA stands for Parent Teacher Organization. The T in PTA is just as important as the P! Strong PTAs work together as parents and teachers to create amazing school communities. We have serveral PTAs in Vancouver with teachers serving in active roles and/or on PTA boards, helping to plan PTA events or working PTA events on top of teaching!  These PTAs are strong because of this dedication.  But there are other ways to PTA – check out this short video about Why PTA?

PTA membership is important because it helps to fund what is happening in our local schools but also it helps to support the advocacy and equity work PTA is doing at a state and national level. Currently WA State PTA is working on a diversity audit to see how they can better reach the voices that are not already heard at the table. The advocacy part of PTA is working on issues like preventing gun violence, strengthening school safety and funding, and making sure that every student is getting the best education possible. This is where most of a member’s dues go. Strong PTA member numbers help to get several things to happen in legislation. Two local bills that were started right here in Vancouver were the “breakfast after the bell” policy and the “Tiffany Hill” Bill. You can learn about the top 5 things that Washington State PTA is currently advocating for in the next WA state legislative assembly:

We encourage all VEA members to become members of PTA so we continue our PTA work together. Local PTA board members should be able to give you their links to join or the links for most PTAs are here:

Here also are some PTA resources for Teachers that you might like to check out:

We are so thankful for all our staff and look forward to continue the work to make our schools the best they can be. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Michelle Weinmaster through the Vancouver Council PTA at